Portrait of Adi Da Samraj, by Ruy Carpenter

Portrait of Adi Da Samraj, by Ruy Carpenter



"There are some situations that cannot be honorably met by art." I think this line from George Oppen sums up well what it's like to try to distill a life, and particularly a life of devotion, into words. The devotion in this case, da bhakti or devotion (bhakti) to the one who gives (da). 

My writing is mostly for practitioners of the Way in the future, wherever they may be. I'd like them to have a sense of what life was like during the physical lifetime of my guru and after, and what my own life as a devotee was like within it. This is a confessional repository of sorts. The barest and most humble beginning of what I'd have liked to communicate over a lifetime. A close friend is translating the site into French, a language we have both loved passionately and wanted to use in all communications like this.  



I extend deep gratitude to Ruy Carpenter, Rich Wahlez, and Joseph Favian Sosa (art & photography). Three serious artists who have made my words more clear in the light of their ennobling aesthetic. 



Maybe needless to say, but all writing here is copyrighted, and I'd like not to see it reproduced anywhere. Many thanks for respecting that. 



My readers are an intimate body whose words I also value. Although I can't respond at length due to the computer being my physical nemesis, I will respond to you. Please connect via this address:



In eternal surrender to my Parama-Guru, Adi Da Samraj, I bow down. 

JL Forrester