"I Am not a pattern. And I Have no pattern."

— Adi Da Samraj, Verbal Notes, February 2007 


Respect to the women in black, 

the gentle moon and the noble sun

who gave hands and eyes 

to the one true god

and did not ask for them back. 


Respect to the women in saffron, 

the unchanging fire and ever-changing water, 

daughters of the noble swan, 

who hammer a bridge from there to here 

to take us into the dawn. 


Respect to the women in white, 

the hardly known, the rarely seen, 

the silent and outspoken queens, 

who travel deep in the scorn of night  

to plough a new land in Light. 


Metaphysical Irony

Metaphysical Irony.jpg


Only when we don’t admit the Mummery, does it become our fate. 


Only when we fail to notice it, does it sidle up friendly to our Master’s Chair. 


But like all things particulate, like all quantum matter 


        — as our younger physicists now prove — 


                it dissolves, rather handily, 



                            on sight.